Parenting on purpose. That's what our church calls it. That's what this is about.

What's our purpose? To glorify God! May this blog do just that.

If you want to know more, see the Purpose Page.

If you are interested in debating whether or not the Bible is true, please contact me.


Why does this blog exist?  Same reason we do - to glorify God!

Lots of the posts are about biblical parenting - and you'll find scripture in those. Some are just opinions. Others are short testimonies. A few are about infant potty training. There are a couple about grocery shopping. All of them serve the same purpose, though: to glorify God.

Some other topics that will be covered are: child training, disciplining your children, marriage maintenance with kids, schooling choices, how to homeschool, prayer, family worship, family goal-setting, teaching kids how to work, teaching kids about the birds and the bees, working for a secular company, financial management and planning, teenagers, and leading a gospel-centered life. As time goes on, this list will probably grow!

This blog is written by a mother of 2 little ones with little experience in most of these areas.  I may not have experience, but the people I spoke with about all of these things and more do have experience!  You'll find information about them on the People page.  Most of the entries refer to the interviews and conversations with various Christian parents that we know. 

The purpose of this blog is not to debate the truth. Please do not post comments in that spirit unless you are using scripture to make your case. If you are interested in debating whether or not the Bible is true, please contact me and I will either discuss that with you or find someone well-equipped to do that.